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Waterfall Project Management

In our previous article, we covered the basic processes of the software lifecycle. These processes are also divided into different methods and models during the project. In this article, we will discuss the most well-known waterfall model, which has been abandoned today.

Waterfall Model: While describing this model, you will say to yourself, “My friend, is this model still in use? :) no, it is still not used! In the past, it was used especially in military projects. The waterfall methodology was developed based on the step-by-step production models used by the United States military during World War II.


Does prolonging a software development process bring profit or loss? It depends on how you approach the software development process. Unfortunately, many software companies are not able to advance the steps of the software life cycle healthily. This situation, unfortunately, damages the customer both in time and money at the point of the software construction in the next processes.

The reason for the problem arises from the failure to act according to the rules of the software life cycle during the initial phase of the project. Throughout the software lifecycle process, there should be healthy mutual communication between the customer…

Software Development Life Cycle

From now on, I will try to produce content that adds value to you as much as I can and to convey what I have learned. What I have written does not contain any thesis or claim, you can only think of it as summaries that I have assimilated from what I have read and researched.

In the software world where I was trying to be a developer myself, I honestly had no idea what SDLC meant. Only his initials sounded like a cool address. I thought that a project is coming and they are doing that project from start…


Do not compare yourself with others. Compare yourself today to yourself tomorrow!

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