Why You Shouldn’t Choose the Waterfall Method in 2021!

Waterfall Project Management

In our previous article, we covered the basic processes of the software lifecycle. These processes are also divided into different methods and models during the project. In this article, we will discuss the most well-known waterfall model, which has been abandoned today.

Waterfall Model: While describing this model, you will say to yourself, “My friend, is this model still in use? :) no, it is still not used! In the past, it was used especially in military projects. The waterfall methodology was developed based on the step-by-step production models used by the United States military during World War II.

Because as of that period, both the budget constraints and the existing technology are not very advanced, all the steps are discussed in detail in order to minimize the error in the work done. That’s why the duration of the project takes too long and even years, which is why this model is not preferred.

The waterfall model is a business approach model that progresses step by step in the software development process from top to bottom. As shown in the image below, each step represents a phase of the software development process. The next stage cannot be passed until the current stage is completed. In order not to go back, each stage is discussed in detail in itself.

Requirement Specifications Waterfall Model with Quality Assurance
Requirement Specifications Waterfall Model with Quality Assurance
Requirement Specifications Waterfall Model with Quality Assurance

The waterfall model is a painful process, for example, you want to know what kind of problem the product to be put forward will solve the problem and to see what kind of feedback you get from the user. However, this is not possible, only if there is a problem, desire or demand in the process of need, all of them are completed and revised while at that stage. This naturally prolongs the process and increases the cost in the software world in the long process.

Since the Waterfall model is built on very long-term plans, software and hardware have changed over the course of time. Sometimes, the project you want to put forward may even be produced by someone else during this expected period.

In the Waterfall model, the wear process of the teams is very high. Because even if you have to fully comply with the written plan in a long project, the estimates will not always give the result you expect. This situation reduces the motivation of the team and decreases the quality.

Life, plan, reality, projects
Life, plan, reality, projects
Your Plan and Reality!

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the waterfall model was used effectively in the past, when software and hardware had limited resources. However, today, in 2021, the waterfall model only produces problems rather than solving problems. Because time equals money in software processes!

The image I shared above actually expresses everything clearly. Even if you make a detailed plan on paper, you may not achieve the result you desire without keeping up with the changing times and receiving feedback from people’s expectations.

Thanks for your time. I will continue to share my articles as much as I can, first for my own development and then to add value to medium readers.

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